Batch Tracking Software

Designed for small to medium sized manufacturers mainly in the food industry. Keeps track of raw materials from point of origin, to batch and BoM manufacturing, work in progress, and end product batches as finished goods inventory.

It tracks supplier goods through to finished products with multi-location inventory, to client sales, allowing tracking of any batch through all stages of manufacture, and all ingredients back to source. This facilitates the recall of any affected products should it ever be required.

The software is designed to keep track of supplier receipting, manufacturing, stock and basic sales. This software package will compliment existing Warehouse Management Systems and accounting packages.

Remote sales (e.g. market, fair, etc.) can be recorded live via a web interface to the back-end with sales and inventory adjusted accordingly. Any sales can be recorded against a particular client or a “Cash Sales” client.

The software can be easily adapted to any particular industry.

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