the company

Corporate Logistics Ltd is a specialist logistics and supply chain, and market research consultancy company that has operated in its niche area since for many years. This includes contract sourcing and procurement, and project management.

The company undertakes economic and strategic analysis around supply chain and marketing related activities.  Working with both export and importer based supply chains including associated ports and distribution network structures.

Corporate Logistics  Ltd has undertaken project work in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Asia,  UK, and the Caribbean.
Corporate Logistics Ltd  tracks Government economic policy initiatives across the various transport modes, regional logistics hub developments, support systems technology, and sustainable business practices in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

Activities extend to contract management and delivery of projects as well as work in the related technology development and evaluation spheres; this is the realm of Corporate Logistics Ltd.

projects & assists

Corporate Logistic is proud to have brought their expertise to the projects, assists, reviews and research completed over the last 30 years.

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