Corporate Logistics Ltd is a specialist logistics and supply chain, and market research consultancy company that has operated in its niche area since 1992. This includes contract sourcing and procurement, and project management.

The nature of our specialist consultancy requires that we undertake frequent economic and strategic analysis around supply chain and marketing related activities.  Projects may incorporate both domestic and international networks in order to establish the rationale behind the allocation of resources and the relative efficiency thereof. Frequently this will incorporate exporter and/or importer based supply chains with their associated ports and distribution network structures.

This has provided Corporate Logistics  Ltd with project work in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa, the UK, EU, USA and Caribbean.

Corporate Logistics Ltd is perpetually tracking Government economic policy initiatives in transport modes, regional logistics hub development, support systems technology, and evolving sustainable business practices in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

The key is to predict how this evolution will occur. Our activities extend to contract management and delivery of projects as well as work in the technology development and evaluation spheres; this is the realm of Corporate Logistics Ltd.


Corporate Logistics Ltd wishes to advise that we DO NOT engage in any recruitment on the African continent . If you have any concerns in that regard you should contact your local authorities. 16.07.2014



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